Lapack++ File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
arch.h [code]Platform-dependent macro definitions
bfd.h [code]
blas++.h [code]Deprecated; use blaspp.h instead
blas1++.h [code]Deprecated; use blas1pp.h instead
blas1pp.h [code]Blas Level-1 Routines: Vector-Scalar and Vector-Vector Operations
blas2++.h [code]Deprecated; use blas2pp.h instead
blas2pp.h [code]Blas Level-2 Routines: Vector-Matrix Operations
blas3++.h [code]Deprecated; use blas3pp.h instead
blas3pp.h [code]Blas Level-3 Routines: Matrix-Matrix Operations and Matrix norms
blaspp.h [code]Some additional vector-matrix operators
bmd.h [code]
f2c.h [code]Standard Fortran to C header file
genmd.h [code]Generation functions for matrices
gfqrc.h [code]QR factorization
gmc.h [code]General Dense Rectangular Complex-valued Matrix Class
gmd.h [code]General Dense Rectangular Matrix Class
gmf.h [code]General Dense Rectangular Matrix Class with float elements
gmi.h [code]General Dense Rectangular Matrix Class with integer elements
gmli.h [code]General Dense Rectangular Matrix Class with long integer elements
lacomplexComplex data type that can be used from the application
lacomplex.h [code]Helper file for complex numbers
lacvd.h [code]Column vector
laexcp.h [code]Exception class for Lapack++ exceptions
lafnames.h [code]Define macros for header file names
laindex.h [code]Matrix index class LaIndex
lapack++.h [code]Deprecated; use lapackpp.h instead
lapackpp.h [code]Header file to include all Lapack++ headers
laprefs.h [code]Preferences class for Lapack++
larvd.h [code]Row vector
laslv.h [code]Functions for solving linear equations
lasvd.h [code]Functions for Singular Value Decomposition
latmpl.h [code]Template functions for matrices
lautil.h [code]A few general utilities
lavc.h [code]Complex-valued vector
lavd.h [code]Real-valued vector
laversion.h [code]Lapack++ version numbers
lavi.h [code]Vector of integers
lavli.h [code]Vector of long integers
ltgmd.h [code]
spdbmd.h [code]
spdfd.h [code]
spdmd.h [code]
spdtrmd.h [code]
sybfd.h [code]Factorization and solving of real symmetric positive definite band matrices
sybmd.h [code]Symmetric Positive Definite Band Matrix Class
syfd.h [code]
symd.h [code]
sytrmd.h [code]
trfd.h [code]LU factorization of a tridiagonal matrix
trmd.h [code]
ultgmd.h [code]
utgmd.h [code]
uutgmd.h [code]

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