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LU factorization of a tridiagonal matrix. More...

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class  LaTridiagFactDouble


void LaTridiagMatFactorize (const LaTridiagMatDouble &A, LaTridiagFactDouble &AF)
void LaLinearSolve (LaTridiagFactDouble &AF, LaGenMatDouble &X, const LaGenMatDouble &B)

Detailed Description

LU factorization of a tridiagonal matrix.

Class for the LU factorization of a tridiagonal matrix.

Note: It is unclear whether the design of this class needs a major overhaul. Do not use this unless you are really sure you understand what this class does.

Function Documentation

void LaTridiagMatFactorize ( const LaTridiagMatDouble A,
LaTridiagFactDouble AF 

Calculate the LU factorization of a tridiagonal matrix. Factorizes by dgttrf.

A The matrix to be factorized. Will be unchanged.
AF The class where the factorization of A will be stored.
See also:
LaTridiagFactDouble, LaLinearSolve(LaTridiagFactDouble &, LaGenMatDouble &, const LaGenMatDouble &)

void LaLinearSolve ( LaTridiagFactDouble AF,
LaGenMatDouble X,
const LaGenMatDouble B 

Solve Ax=b with tridiagonal A and the calculated LU factorization of A as returned by LaTridiagMatFactorize(). Solves by dgttrs.

AF The LU factorization of the A matrix
X The matrix that will contain the result afterwards. Size must be correct.
B The right-hand-side of the equation system Ax=b.

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