f2c.h File Reference

Standard Fortran to C header file. More...

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struct  f2c_complex
struct  doublecomplex
 Complex type that is used in LAPACK++ internally. More...


#define TRUE_   (1)
#define FALSE_   (0)
#define Extern   extern
#define F2C_proc_par_types   1


typedef long int integer
typedef char * address
typedef short int shortint
typedef float f2c_real
typedef double doublereal
typedef long int logical
typedef short int shortlogical
typedef int(*) U_fp ()
typedef shortint(*) J_fp ()
typedef integer(*) I_fp ()
typedef f2c_real(*) R_fp ()
typedef doublereal(*) D_fp ()
typedef doublereal(*)(*) E_fp ()
typedef VOID(*) C_fp ()
typedef VOID(*) Z_fp ()
typedef logical(*) L_fp ()
typedef shortlogical(*) K_fp ()
typedef VOID(*) H_fp ()
typedef int(*) S_fp ()
typedef VOID C_f
typedef VOID H_f
typedef VOID Z_f
typedef doublereal E_f


int ungetc ()

Detailed Description

Standard Fortran to C header file.

This file includes many declarations of types and headers that are needed for FORTRAN compatibility of the C code.

Define Documentation

#define TRUE_   (1)

#define FALSE_   (0)

#define Extern   extern

#define F2C_proc_par_types   1

Typedef Documentation

typedef long int integer

typedef char* address

typedef short int shortint

typedef float f2c_real

typedef double doublereal

typedef long int logical

typedef short int shortlogical

typedef int(*) U_fp()

typedef shortint(*) J_fp()

typedef integer(*) I_fp()

typedef f2c_real(*) R_fp()

typedef doublereal(*) D_fp()

typedef doublereal(*)(*) E_fp()

typedef VOID(*) C_fp()

typedef VOID(*) Z_fp()

typedef logical(*) L_fp()

typedef shortlogical(*) K_fp()

typedef VOID(*) H_fp()

typedef int(*) S_fp()

typedef VOID C_f

typedef VOID H_f

typedef VOID Z_f

typedef doublereal E_f

Function Documentation

int ungetc (  ) 

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