lautil.h File Reference

A few general utilities. More...

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int ilaenv_ (int *i, const char *n, const char *opts, int *n1, int *n2, int *n3, int *n4, ftnlen n_len, ftnlen opts_len)
void LaSwap (LaGenMatDouble &A, LaVectorLongInt &ipiv)
int LaEnvBlockSize (const char *fname, const LaGenMatDouble &A)
int LaEnvBlockSize (const char *fname, const LaGenMatComplex &A)
double Mach_eps_double ()

Detailed Description

A few general utilities.

Some (very few) utility functions that should have been included in C++ (sic?!)

Function Documentation

int ilaenv_ ( int *  i,
const char *  n,
const char *  opts,
int *  n1,
int *  n2,
int *  n3,
int *  n4,
ftnlen  n_len,
ftnlen  opts_len 

void LaSwap ( LaGenMatDouble A,
LaVectorLongInt ipiv 

Performs a series of row interchanges on the matrix A. Uses dlaswp internally.

A The matrix A whose rows are interchanged.
ipiv The vector of pivot indices. ipiv(K)=L implies rows K and L are interchanged.

int LaEnvBlockSize ( const char *  fname,
const LaGenMatDouble A 

int LaEnvBlockSize ( const char *  fname,
const LaGenMatComplex A 

double Mach_eps_double (  ) 

Determine double precision machine parameters. Uses dlamch internally. Returns the "relative machine precision".

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